If you are stranded in a car…

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For Immediate Release.
Contact: Harrison County Emergency Management (859) 234-7180

If You are Stranded in a Car…

Every winter, travelers get stranded in their cars during snowstorms. Don’t become a casualty.

Listen to the weather reports. If you think bad weather is heading your way, fill up the gas tank. Drive only if it is necessary during a storm. Tell someone your anticipated arrival time and route. If you don’t arrive at your destination in a reasonable time, your contact can alert authorities to initiate a search. However, if you are caught in a snow or ice storm, the following tips may help you protect yourself.

First, stay in your car. Don’t leave the car unless you can see a building close by where you can take shelter. Be careful because distances can be distorted in the snow. A building may seem close but be too far to walk in deep snow.

Second, display a sign you are in trouble. Turn on your flashers or tie a bright cloth to your antenna.

Open a window slightly to prevent freezing rain and snow from sealing you in the car. Make sure the open window faces away from the wind.

Make sure someone is awake at all times. If you are alone, stay awake for as long as possible.

Keep warm! Turn the car engine on for about 10 minutes each hour and run the heater. However, before you turn on the engine; make sure the exhaust pipe is clear of snow.
Use items in your car to keep you warm. Stuff road maps and newspapers in your clothes. Use floor mats and removable seat covers for insulation. If there are several passengers, huddle together for warmth and use coats as blankets. Don’t forget to exercise by clapping your hands, moving your arms, legs and toes. Don’t drink. Alcohol makes the body lose heat.

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