Protecting Your Property From Fire

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Contact: Harrison County Emergency Management (859) 234-7180 or the
Harrison County Fire Department (859) 234-4264

Protecting Your Property from Fire…
Removing Trees, Shrubs Around Your Home

If the area immediately surrounding your house contains trees, shrubs, and other vegetation; yard debris; or other materials that burn easily, your house will be at an increased risk of damage during wildfires. These combustible materials provide a path by which fire from nearby areas can reach your house.

You should clear the area around your house. Shrubs, brush, woodpiles, and combustible debris should be removed within a radius of 30 feet. The distance between your house and any nearby tree should always be greater than the height of the mature tree or at least 10 feet. Similarly, any outbuildings, such as storage sheds, should be at least as far away as their height.


Keep these points in mind when you remove vegetation and other combustible materials from around your house:

  • Removing large trees near your house can be very dangerous, for both you and your house, and is therefore a job for a skilled contractor.
  • Rather than plant shrubs near your house, consider landscaping alternatives such as creating a rock garden.
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